Welcome to the Stage Division of the CDTA, Alberta Branch!!

The Stage Division consists of three disciplines: Tap, Jazz, and Acrobatic Dance. Each discipline has a syllabus that offers a variety of student examinations for all levels of dancers, from beginner to advanced

Jazz: Jazz thrives in our society today. The CDTA syllabus is an intensive program of technique for teachers to work with for the overall development of their students. The examinations are well rounded and extremely beneficial for teachers and students alike.

Tap: The CDTA counting technique is beneficial to the overall development of the teacher and student. The use of rhythms, choice of music and the knowledge of the history of tap is taught and examined in the CDTA syllabus.

Both the Jazz and Tap Syllabus offer Grades and Medal Amateur Exams.

Acro syllabus is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique.  To increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self-discipline, and confidence.  We focus on proper hand placement and body alignment. The syllabus also concentrates on how to spot the tricks.

The syllabi and student examinations are only available to Members  in good standing.

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