Welcome to the Modern Division of the CDTA, Alberta Branch

The Modern Division offers a unique student examination syllabus for all levels of dancers, from beginner to grade 3. The CDTA Modern Syllabus will allow students an opportunity to fine tune their technique and enhance their performance quality. It is comforting to know that the exam sessions are positive and encouraging to both students and teachers.

Currently there are two levels of membership within the Modern Division:

*Affiliate Member (not eligible to enter students for exams)

*Associate Member (eligible to enter students for exams)

The CDTA, Alberta Branch offers an Affiliate Membership, for those young teachers wishing to prepare for their Associate membership with the Modern Division. This Affiliate membership gives the member the opportunity to attend all the meetings and workshops that the Branch offers and give them 2 years to prepare for their exam

The Associate Membership Examination is available at this time. Please note that knowledge of the Junior Modern Syllabus is a requirement for this examination.The syllabi and student examinations are available to Members or approved Candidates only.

For any further information regarding the CDTA National Modern Division please visit our contact list and email us your questions!


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