Ballet Division Professional Membership

There are 2 easy steps to follow to become a member of the Association

Step 1.

Submit your CDTA Application for the Alberta Branch . Please download the form, and submit it to the  Branch along with the non-refundable $25.00 application fee. Your application will be presented to the Executive Committee for approval. After your application is reviewed, you will be advised as to your status.

Step 2.

Once approved, submit your Professional Exam Application Form for Alberta  Download the form and submit it to the, along with the examination & administrative  fees.  The  Registrar  will contact you regarding scheduling your examination.
You are also eligible at this point to purchase the desired syllabi. You will find the syllabi helpful in preparing for your examination. The Ballet  Handbook is required.


Please read the Requirements for Professional Ballet Exam which will explain the exam process.


Candidate must be 18 years of age for the Associate Exam with 1 year of teaching experience and 21 years of age for the Member Exam and have been an Associate for at least 2 years or 3 years teaching experience.


All Candidates must purchase a Study Guide and the music CD. The Study Guide will give you detailed information on how to prepare your lesson plan, how long your essay needs to be along with all the Anatomy and Stretch and Strengthening questions.


Candidates will be examined individually.

Examination Duration:

  • Associate 1.5 hours
  • Member approx. 2 hours.


  • Biography
  • Anatomy (Answers to questions)
  • Stretch and Strengthening (Answers to questions)
  • Essay on Ballet Dancing
  • Lesson Plans: Associate Beginner Level(6-7 yrs of age),  C.D.T.A Grade 3 Level/ Member: C.D.T.A. Grade 2 Level, C.D.T.A. Grade 4 Level, C.D.T.A. Advanced Level (must include pointe)

Please forward all written material to the Examiner 2 weeks prior to your Exam Session.


Teaching: Candidates must be prepared to demonstrate and / or teach any portion or the entire lesson plan.

Discussion Period:

Technical Knowledge:  Examination Candidates should be able to give the technical placement, execution and break down on all technical terms included in the study guide, as well as combine them for age appropriate exercises.  Candidates should also be able to note common faults in the execution of these movements. Must also have knowledge on boys work.

Music:  must be able to recognize the pieces of music listed in the study guide, know their time signature and history.

In the Member Exam the candidate must select 2 pieces of music and prepare a minimum of 16 bars of choreography that depicts the era and style.  You will need to execute on or both.

Should also know basics of how to work with a pianist.

Choreography & Stagecraft:  Questions will be asked

Communication:  Candidates will be marked on their communication skills.


General Notes:

The candidate may request an Professional Exam during an Amateur Exam Session or the exam will be held during a Branch organized session.

Candidates may bring their own students. If the candidate requires students, they can be requested from the host studio.

Result of the examination is either PASS or RE-TRY

Examiner’s decision is final and cannot be appealed


If you require assistance in preparing for your professional examination, please feel free to send your questions to the

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